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Xiao Y^, Zhang G^, Liu D, Niu M, Tong H*, and Chu C* (2019) GSK2 stabilizes OFP3 to suppress brassinosteroid responses in rice. Plant Journal (accepted).
Zhang Z and Chu C (2020) Improvement of nutrient use efficiency in rice: Current toolbox and future perspectives. Theoretical and Applied Genetics doi: 10.1007/s00122-019-03527-6Invited review
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Luo X, Xie L, Gao C, Wang D, Holt B, Lin H, Chu C, Xia X, and Cao S (2019) The florigen interactor BdES43 represses flowering in the model temperate grass Brachypodium distachyon. Plant Journal doi: 10.1111/tpj.14622.
杨淑华^,巩志忠^,郭岩^,龚继明^,郑绍建^,林荣呈^,杨洪全^,毛龙^,秦峰^,罗利军^,张天真^,储成才^,赖锦盛^,晁代印,关雪莹,彭佳师,黄朝峰,蒋才富,王瑜 杨永青,施怡婷,丁杨林,马亮,种康(2019) 中国植物应答环境变化研究的过去与未来. 中国科学 49(11): 1457-1478.
Meng Y, Wang Z, Wang Y, Wang C, Zhu B, Liu H, Ji W, Wen J, Chu C, Tadege M, Niu L, and Lin H (2019) The MYB activator WHITE PETAL1 associates with MtTT8 and MtWD40-1 to regulate carotenoid-derived flower pigmentation in Medicago truncatula. Plant Cell. 31(11): 2751-2767.
Featured by Philip Carella (2018) Mellowed yellow: WHITE PETAL1 regulates carotenoid accumulation in Medicago Petals. Plant Cell 31(11): 2556-2557.
Tang J, Wang Y, Yin W, Dong G, Sun K, Teng Z, Wu X, Wang S, Qian Y, Pan X, Qian Q*, and Chu C* (2019) Mutation of a nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat immune receptor-type protein disrupts immunity to bacterial blight. Plant Physiology 181(3): 1295-1313.
Fang J^*, Zhang F^, Wang H, Wang W, Zhao F, Li Z, Sun C, Chen F, Xu F, Chang S, Wu L, Bu Q, Wang P, Xie J, Chen F, Huang X, Zhang Y, Zhu X, Han B, Deng X*, and Chu C* (2019) Ef-cd locus shortens rice maturity duration without yield penalty. PNAS 116(37): 18717-18722.
Highlighted in in this issue of PNAS (2019) Rice maturity time and yield. PNAS 116(37): 18149-18151.
Spotlighted by Yang Yu and Qian Qian (2019) Rice breeding: A long noncoding locus with great potential. Molecular Plant 12(11): 1431-1433.
Featured in Chinese Bulletin of Botany by Shuo Zhang and Changying Wu (2019) Long non-coding RNA Ef-cd regulates rice early maturation and stable yield. Chinese Bulletin of Botany  54(5), 1-4.
Xu F, Tang J, Gao S, Cheng X, Du L, Fang J, and Chu C* (2019) Control of rice pre-harvest sprouting by glutaredoxin-mediated abscisic acid signaling. Plant Journal 100: 1036-1051.
Gao S, Xiao Y, Xu F, Gao X, Cao S, Zhang F, Wang G, Sanders D, and Chu C* (2019) Cytokinin-dependent regulatory module underlies the maintenance of zinc nutrition in rice. New Phytologist 224(1): 202-215.
Yang R, Li P, Mei H, Wang D, Sun J, Yang C, Hao L, Cao S, Chu C, Hu S, Song X, Cao X (2019) Fine-tuning of miR528 accumulation modulates flowering time in rice. Mol. Plant 12(8): 1103-1113.
Cover Story.
Featured in Molecular Plant by Chengjie Chen, Yuanlong Liu and Rui Xia (2019) Jack of Many Trades: The Multifaceted Role of miR528 in Monocots. Molecular Plant. 12(8): 1044-1046.
Liu C, Schläppi M, Mao B, Wang W, Wang A, and Chu C (2019) The bZIP73 transcription factor controls rice cold tolerance at the reproductive stage. Plant Biotechnol. J. 17: 1834-1849.
Zhang J^, Liu Y-X^, Zhang N^, Hu B^, Jin T^, Xu H, Qin Y, Yan P, Zhang X, Guo X, Hui J, Cao S, Wang X, Wang C, Wang H, Qu B, Fan G, Yuan L, Garrido-Oter R, Chu C*, and Bai Y* (2019) NRT1.1B is associated with root microbiota composition and nitrogen use in field-grown rice. Nature Biotechnol. 37: 676-684.
Cover story.
Featured in Chinese Bulletin of Botany by Xiaolin Wang & Ertao Wang (2019) NRT1.1B Connects Root Microbiota and Nitrogen Use in Rice. Chinese Bulletin of Botany 54(3): 285-287.
Hu B^*, Jiang Z^, Wang W^, Qiu Y^, Zhang Z, Liu Y, Gao X, Liu L, Qian Y, Huang X, Yu F, Li A, Kang S, Wang Y, Xie J, Cao S, Zhang L, Wang Y, Xie Q, Kopriva S, and Chu C* (2019) Nitrate-NRT1.1B-SPX4 cascade integrates nitrogen and phosphorus signaling networks in plants. Nature Plants 5: 401-413.
Featured in Nature Plants by César Poza-Carrión & Javier Paz-Ares (2019) When nitrate and phosphate sensors meet. Nature Plants 5, 339–340.
Selected for F1000 Prime doi: 10.3410/f.735399180.793560575 and doi: 10.3410/f.735399180.793560581.
Xiao Y, Liu D, Zhang G, Gao S, Liu L, Xu F, Che R, Tong H*, Chu C* (2019) Big Grain3, encoding a purine permease, regulates grain size via modulating cytokinin transport in rice. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 61(5): 581-597.
Zhang L^*, Hu B^, Deng K, Gao X, Sun G, Zhang Z, Li P, Wang W, Li H, Li L, Yu F, Li Y, Chu C* (2019) NRT1.1B improves selenium concentrations in rice grains by facilitating selenomethinone translocation. Plant Biotechnol. J. 17(6): 1058-1068.
Hamdani S, Wang H, Zheng G, Perveen SH, Qu M, Khan N, Khan W, Jiang J, Li M, Liu X, Zhu X, Govindjee, Chu C*, Zhu X* (2019) Genome-wide association study identifies variation of glucosidase being linked to natural variation of the maximal quantum yield of photosystem II. Physiol. Plant. 166: 105-119.
Tong H and Chu C (2018) Functional specificities of brassinosteroid and potential utilization for crop improvement. Trends Plant Sci. 23(11): 1016-1028. (Invited Review)
Wang M^, Li W^, Fang C^, Xu F^, Liu Y^, Wang Z, Yang R, Zhang M, Liu S, Lu S, Lin T, Tang J, Wang Y, Wang H, Lin H, Zhu B, Chen M, Kong F, Liu B, Zeng D, Jackson SC*, Chu C* & Tian Z* (2018) Parallel selection on a dormancy gene during domestication of crops from multiple families.Nature Genet. 50(10): 1435-1441.
Featured in Genome Biology by Rendón-Anaya M and Herrera-Estrella A (2018) The advantage of parallel selection of domestication genes to accelerate crop improvement. 19(1): 147.
Liu C^, Ou S^, Mao B, Tang J, Wang W, Wang H, Cao C, Schläppi MR, Zhao B, Xiao G, Wang X and Chu C (2018) Early selection of bZIP73 facilitated adaptation of japonica rice to cold climates. Nature Commun 9(1): 3302.
Du L, Xu F, Fang J, Gao S, Tang J, Fang S, Wang H, Tong H, Cao S, Zhang F, Chu J, Wang G, Chu C (2018) Endosperm sugar accumulation caused by mutation of PHS8/ISA1 leads to pre-harvest sprouting in rice. Plant J. 95(3): 545-556.
Kopriva S and Chu C (2018) Are we ready to improve phosphorus homeostasis in rice? J. Exp. Bot. 69(15): 3515-3522 (Expert view)
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Zhang J, Zhang N, Liu YX, Zhang X, Hu B, Qin Y, Xu H, Wang H, Guo X, Zhang P, Jin T*, Chu C*, Bai Y* (2018) Root microbiota shift in rice correlates with resident time in the field and developmental stage. Sci. China Life Sci. 61(6): 613-621. (Cover Story)
Lu SJ, He H, Sun L, Wang H, Liu XH, Jiang L, Sun JL, Xin X, Kong W, Chu C, Xue HW, Yang JS, Luo X, Liu JX (2018) A novel QTL qTGW3 encodes the GSK3/SHAGGY-like kinase OsGSK5/OsSK41 that interacts with OsARF4 to negatively regulate grain size and weight in rice. Mol. Plant  11(5): 736-749.
Liu C, Wang W, Mao B, Chu C (2018) Cold stress tolerance in rice: physiological changes, molecular mechanisms, and future prospects. Hereditas (Beijing) 40(3): 171-185.
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Featured in Plant Cell by Jennifer Mach (2018) The Real Yield Deal? Nitrate Transporter Expression Boosts Yield and Accelerates Maturation. 30(3): 520-521.
Highlighted in ScienceDaily on February 23, 2018 by Jennifer Mach: New approach to improve nitrogen use, enhance yield, and promote flowering in rice.
Recommended by F1000Prime Doi: 10.3410/f.732773314.793543251.
Pan J, Huang D, Guo Z, Kuang Z, Zhang H, Xie X, Ma Z, Gao S, Lerdau MT, Chu C, Li L (2018) Overexpression of microRNA408 enhances photosynthesis, growth, and seed yield in diverse plants. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 60(4): 323-340.
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Cover Story. Highlighted in Asian Scientist Magazine on May 2, 2017: Apparently, Asian Wild Rice Isn’t So Wild Anymore.
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