2019[Chu Lab]

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Featured by Philip Carella (2018) Mellowed yellow: WHITE PETAL1 regulates carotenoid accumulation in Medicago Petals. Plant Cell 31(11): 2556-2557.
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Highlighted in in this issue of PNAS (2019) Rice maturity time and yield. PNAS 116(37): 18149-18151.
Spotlighted by Yang Yu and Qian Qian (2019) Rice breeding: A long noncoding locus with great potential. Molecular Plant 12(11): 1431-1433.
Featured in Chinese Bulletin of Botany by Shuo Zhang and Changying Wu (2019) Long non-coding RNA Ef-cd regulates rice early maturation and stable yield. Chinese Bulletin of Botany  54(5), 1-4.
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Featured in Nature Plants by Scheller HV (2019) When nitrate and phosphate sensors meet. doi: 10.1038/s41477-019-0403-2