2014[Chu Lab]

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1.Tong H, Xiao Y, Liu D, Gao S, Liu L, Yin Y, Jin Y, Qian Q, Chu C (2014) Brassinosteroid regulates cell elongation by modulating gibberellin metabolism in rice. Plant Cell 26(11): 4376-4393.

2.Liang C, Wang Y, Zhu Y, Tang J, Hu B, Liu L, Ou S, Wu H, Sun X, Chu J, and Chu C (2014) OsNAP connects absisic acid and leaf senescence by fine tuning absisic acid biosynthesis and directly targeting senescence-associated genes in rice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111(27): 10013-10018.

3.Liu Y, Fang J, Xu F, Chu J, Yan C, Schläppi M, Wang Y, Chu C (2014) Expression patterns of ABA and GA metabolism genes and hormone levels during rice seed development and imbibition: A comparison of dormant and non-dormant rice cultivars. J. Genet Genomics, 41(6): 327-338.

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6.Zhang L, Hu B, Li W, Che R, Deng K, Li H, Yu F, Ling H, Li Y, Chu C (2014) OsPT2, a phosphate transporter, is involved in active uptake of selenite in rice. New Phytol. 201(4): 1183-1191.

7.Liu C, Mao B, Ou S, Wang W, Liu L, Wu Y, Chu C*, Wang X* (2014) OsbZIP71, a bZIP transcription factor, confers salinity and drought tolerance in rice. Plant Mol. Biol., 84(1-2): 19-36(*Corresponding author)